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Personalised intervention services for 3-12-year-olds who are slow learners, have developmental delays or disabilities.

Why Us?

Tactopus Connect is India’s leading online child therapy provider. We provide confidential, live and outcome-driven intervention services,  home-based plans, training, and learning resources that are personalised to every child. 

We focus on the whole child, working simultaneously on meeting physical, social, emotional, sensory, cognitive, language and communication goals.

Gain access to our large pool of top specialised educators, irrespective of your location from the comfort of your home.

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Our process flowchart. 1. Needs Assessment 2. Convenient Scheduling 3. First Session 4. Personalized Plan 5. Intervention 6. Continued Growth

Start Your Child's Journey

Get unparalleled hand-held personalised support throughout the process of identifying the best expert for your child, scheduling sessions at times convenient to you, bridging gaps and setting goals, whilst continuously tracking progress all the way through.

Parent Testimonials

In the current times where it is difficult to step out, Tactopus offered us a platform through which we could bridge the gap with our child's therapist.
The online sessions are seamless and very engaging. We have observed Anaahat's improved sitting tolerance and engagement with his therapist.


I wish I had met these guys sooner! Thanks for an amazing experience.
I would definitely recommend their services to all parents I know.


I am grateful to all the teachers and team members who have contributed to my child's growth and curiosity for learning. Tactopus played a vital role in bridging between child/parents and educators.


We were worried about the support not being available during COVID times but Tactopus came to rescue. Happy to be associated with this team of dynamic people who understand our needs to so well 🙂


Big thanks to Meena Madam and Jyotsna Madam for their structured training and Tactopus for their excellent coordination and all the help. We see a remarkable overall improvement in her with remedial therapy and speech therapy.


I value your work so much! We adore you and appreciate all your care and commitment to our child's education.

Transparent Pricing Plans

Choose a program that best suits your child to achieve the goals you’re looking for, through a hassle-free continued engagement.  If you need help choosing a plan, start with a free 30-minute specialist consultation.

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Book a FREE Consultation Session

  • A 30-minute conversation with your matched expert
  • Assess how your child responds to an online session
  • Ask any questions that you may have!

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April 23, 2021

Chores And Children

The benefits of sharing family chores are aplenty. It can build a child’s self-esteem, confidence, and much-needed life skills like time management and organizational skills. It teaches them responsibility and valuable life lessons that’ll get them set for living independently as they grow older. I’m sure we all want our kids to be organised and well-equipped to keep their home clean, do laundry and cook their meals when they venture into the adult world. While some children might be eager to help, others might need a little more nudging, but chores are appropriate for children of all ages. We just…

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April 9, 2021

What is Inclusive Education? The Definitive Guide

All children have the right to benefit from schooling and more importantly, access to quality education, no matter what their abilities, race or economic background. Yet, often children with disabilities or special needs miss out on mainstream schooling because schools aren’t equipped to cater to their needs. Inclusive education, however, advocates for all children irrespective of their abilities to learn together, in one common environment.  What is Inclusive Education: As Unicef defines it  “Inclusive education means all children in the same classrooms, in the same schools. It means real learning opportunities for groups who have traditionally been excluded-not only children…

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9 Ways to Build Your Child’s Confidence

We all want it for our children; for them to be confident, assertive and self-assured. Confident individuals are motivated, hard-working and have a balanced approach to life. We’d be beaming with pride to see our children exude these qualities but how do we get them there. It can’t be rocket science but it does take a few conscious strategies on our part as parents. Our kids form their self-image and sense of self majorly from the feedback they receive from us. So we surely play a crucial role in building our children’s self-esteem Confident kids are better equipped to handle…