Tactile Books, Games, Puzzles

Designed to Include

Multi-sensory Learning 

Bridging the Physical and Digital

We create multi-sensory learning aids for children of ages 3+, with a focus on ensuring those with disabilities (visual, developmental, learning) are able to participate equally in learning opportunities.

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Inclusive and Barrier-free

Our resources are designed for everyone & do not prevent learning due to various sensory disabilities like vision loss.

Multi-sensory Development

Kids learn through stimulation of various senses making learning more engaging and serving as a distraction from screens.

Audio Guidance

Audio-guided learning because every kid needs that special attention and an encouraging voice.

Extensively Tested

Our resources are constantly tested and improvised to give your child the most comfortable learning experience

The Hungry Number Monster

What Makes You Special?

My Counting Book

Rhyme Deck

Counting With Fish

Number Line

Number Cards

Number Cards – Twin Pack

Phone Stand

Hexagonal Puzzle

Tetromino Puzzle

Noughts and Crosses

Lucia Hasty

Certified teacher of blind or visually impaired learners, Co-author of BANA Guidelines and Standards for Tactile Graphics, Advisory Board of NASA Standard Touch, Bookshare’s DIAGRAM Center Advisory Board

Your books were a fabulous hit today in my workshop. Several teachers who are working with young students who are beginning braille readers asked me to find out how they can get them. They really loved the rhymes as well.

Shobha KN

Mobility Officer and Counsellor, National Association for the Blind, Karnataka

We can all learn to be more versatile from children with vision impairment. They show us there is more than one – predominantly visual – way to think. Multi-sensory learning only encourages that.

Shanti Raghavan

Founder, Enable India

Tactopus started by trying to solve a problem for people with blindness, but because it’s multi-sensory, it’s a great product for all children.