What is Inclusive Education? The Definitive Guide

autistic child cheering

All children have the right to benefit from schooling and more importantly, access to quality education, no matter what their abilities, race or economic background. Yet, often children with disabilities or special needs miss out on mainstream schooling because schools aren’t equipped to cater to their needs. Inclusive education, however, advocates for all children irrespective of their abilities to learn together, in one common environment.  What is Inclusive Education: As Unicef defines it  “Inclusive education means all children in the same classrooms, in the same schools. It means real learning opportunities for groups who have traditionally been excluded-not only children…

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9 Ways to Build Your Child’s Confidence

confident young girl looking in mirror

We all want it for our children; for them to be confident, assertive and self-assured. Confident individuals are motivated, hard-working and have a balanced approach to life. We’d be beaming with pride to see our children exude these qualities but how do we get them there. It can’t be rocket science but it does take a few conscious strategies on our part as parents. Our kids form their self-image and sense of self majorly from the feedback they receive from us. So we surely play a crucial role in building our children’s self-esteem Confident kids are better equipped to handle…

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How To Manage Your Toddler’s Tantrums and Meltdowns

child having meltdown in front of parent

Tantrums and emotional meltdowns are as difficult on parents as they are on the child experiencing them. A public outburst, a crying fit that won’t stop, screaming and howling or how about that time you told them they can’t have Oreos for breakfast? True story. Emotional meltdowns are draining on parents. Definitely not the easiest part of parenting but we didn’t sign up just for the rosy bits, did we? As much as we don’t want to believe it, it’s true, temper tantrums are a part of typical child development. I once read somewhere it should be more worrying if…

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Is My Child School Ready?

mother dressing up child in uniform

It’s that time of the year when most parents of preschoolers are just done with school admissions for their young ones. In India, especially, the rat race begins young. The need to get your child enrolled in the school of your choice becomes a priority when kids reach the appropriate age to begin formal schooling. In all this chaos we could often forget the important question ‘Is my child school-ready?’. After all, starting school is a huge step for parents and children and comes with demands of adjustment and readiness. As parents, we have our own anxieties about sending our…

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First Steps After An Autism Diagnosis

Parent and Child Autism

Learning that your child has a diagnosis of Autism can never be easy. The range of emotions you experience is difficult to fathom. Whether it came as a shock that has left you reeling, or if you long sensed it and saw it coming, either way, the discovery will bring on a barrage of challenges. As parents, you might find yourselves ridden with anxiety and unsure of how to move ahead. It can be daunting to reimagine what the future looks like, for you, your child and your family. Where do you begin? What do you first seek help for? …

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The Importance of Early Intervention

mother and child early development

As parents, our biggest responsibility often lies in making the best happen for our child. Keeping track of their development is almost second nature to us parents. We’ve all been there, wondering if our babies show good eye contact, do they respond to our interaction, if they should be crawling yet or saying their first words. While it might seem demanding to keep a dated record of all their development, there are broad timelines that most babies meet, in reaching social, behavioural and physical milestones. If and when we do see our children missing these critical stepping stones of development,…

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How epilepsy affects child development

purple ribbon hands together

As we are celebrating Global Day of Epilepsy Awareness – Purple Day today, we thought we should partake in the international grassroots effort dedicated to increasing awareness about epilepsy worldwide. For you parents, we would like to talk about how a diagnosis of epilepsy can affect your child’s development and what help you will need. What is Epilepsy: Epilepsy is a condition caused by a disturbance in nerve cell activity, that can occur due to a genetic disorder or by a brain injury or trauma. Epilepsy causes seizures, which is a rush of electrical activity in the brain. It can…

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Role Of Therapy For Children With Down Syndrome

down syndrome child yellow background

While there is no permanent cure for Down Syndrome (DS) yet, therapy is very important in improving the quality of life for people with this condition. There is a great amount of support and help available for people with DS, attain their full potential and help them live independently. With India being one of the highest birthing nations, there is a greater incidence of Down Syndrome and it occurs in approximately 1 out of 830 live births, as per the Down Syndrome Federation of India. The average life expectancy for people with DS has increased from 25 years to 60…

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Does my child need speech therapy?

woman teaching girl to speak

Keeping an approximate track of your child’s developmental milestones comes naturally to most parents, especially when it comes to progressions in motor, cognition and speech. Children accomplish so much in their first year of life. While the rolling, crawling etc are exciting, somehow hearing our child say “Mama, Dada” for the first time is an immensely joyful moment. This doesn’t necessarily happen with all children at an exact age and there is no cause for concern as children understand language and speak at different times. However, if alongside lack of speech, you see certain signs that are worrisome and catch…

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What does being ‘On the Spectrum’ mean?

puzzle holding hands

You have probably heard the term ‘on the spectrum’ a lot but not understood what exactly it means. Professionals use it when talking about being people diagnosed with Autism or developmental delays, but how are these terms connected? The incidence of Autism has been rising over the last two decades. Recent research shows that 1 of 54 individuals has been diagnosed with or at-risk of it. We’ve however also heard of Asperger’s, Autism, and pervasive developmental disorders, but do they all mean the same or are they different? To understand this group of disorders we need to know what the…

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