How To Effectively Connect With Your Child

parents bonding with child

Parents all over the world have always wanted a magical formula to strengthen their bond with their children. How do you make sure you pack in the memories while time and their childhood swoosh by so quick? How can we look back years later on their childhood and know we made it count? Is this possible? Is there really a tried and tested trick that will work? What if I told you there was and that you can see the results almost instantly. Having read tonnes of parenting books, and adding my own experience as a mum of two, I…

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Top 5 Authors For Toddlers

children father reading book having fun

If you let them, books can be children’s best friends. As Dr Seuss said, “You can find magic wherever you look, just sit back and relax, all you need is a book”. There are countless engaging books that I’ve seen my children enjoy, some that we’ve read over and over until we learnt every word of it. There’s something so magical and inviting about children’s books that I often am left as much in awe as my kids when we go to a bookstore. The gift of reading is the best gift you can give any child and while I’d…

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Three Must-Read Parenting Books

parents engaged in reading a book together

There are almost as many parenting books as there are parents. No other topic in literature has been covered so widely. All well-meaning, some with years of research, some based on experience and most with the promise to help you make parenting easier and more fun. I’ve had my share of falling for many such books as a new parent and later as a not-so-new one. The learning doesn’t really end. Most books made me feel worse than when I first started out and many didn’t seem practical. So if I can offer you a list of the top 3…

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Using Storytelling To Encourage Communication

dinosaur story siloutte parent and child

When my three-year-old began to rock his chair at the dinner table, I told him a story from my childhood. My dad had seen me rocking my chair at the dinner table and asked me to eat the rest of my meal standing up, which served as a good deterrent never to try it again. I told my child this story only once and rest assured I’ve never seen him rocking his dining chair. On the rare occasion, he has thought of doing it, he immediately recalls the story mommy told him. I’m nowhere close to being as strict as…

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