Self-Care Tips: From One Mom To Another

Happy Mother’s Day! We indeed deserve the appreciation and acknowledgement all year round, but we knew when we signed up for motherhood, that it was mostly going to be a thankless job, full of sacrifices, putting others first and walking with our hearts outside our bodies for the rest of our lives. With that reality in mind, I’m glad that we can force ourselves to relax, have our day and bask in the gratitude from the family we hold together at least for one day in the year. Never mind, that I had to remind the husband only 4 times…

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Let’s Talk About Postpartum Depression

The first week of May every year is celebrated as Depression Awareness Week. In honouring that, today we’ll learn about a form of depression that many of us don’t talk about enough about, Peripartum Depression (formerly Postpartum ). Years ago I watched the famous Hollywood actress Brooke Shields talk about her struggle with postpartum depression. Instead of beaming with pride and excitement about her newborn, Shields had said that in the first few months after her daughter’s birth, she was ridden with thoughts of failure and self-harm, struggling to bond with her newborn.  As strange as it might be to…

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6 Fun Summer Activities For Your Kids

So we’re staying indoors, most schools haven’t opened in a year and we’ve got kids at home who need to stay busy. I get it. My two boys have endless energy and I’m quickly running out of ideas. Seems funny, when schools shut last year, I was wondering how I’d keep them busy at home for 2 months of summer, but here we are a whole year later.  It’s been like a whole year-long summer break, only with fluctuating weather and fewer options of entertainment. But staying home and staying safe, is the most important thing to do right now. …

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The Importance Of Play

children having fun and playing at home

As a parent, I’ve always believed in the blessing of a skinned knee. There’s immense learning that occurs when a child explores the world through play. Free, unstructured, uninterrupted play is a house of knowledge that every child needs in their life. In the current age of tabs and digital nannies, which also might act as a medium for learning, one simply cannot ignore the importance of play that happens gadget-free and the old school way.Some of my fondest childhood memories and moments of profound learning happened in the playground. Learning the art of balance to ride a cycle, friendships…

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Healthy Summer Treats For Your Child

Kid enjoying watermelon with pet dog

Summer is here with its usual splash of sweltering heat. Even with the unpredictable weather and occasional showers, summer is still a time for some different foods. Which other time of the year would you rather have your kids enjoy a cooler or a frozen treat. While it’s easy to think of ice cream only every few hours, (and that’s completely okay) how about we use the weather to our advantage. Summer is the best season for a variety of fruits that don’t come year-round. They are found in abundance and can be transformed into mouth-watering treats. Not only are they…

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Independence For Children With Special Needs

autistic child snacking

A child’s special needs don’t define who they are. Yet often, children with special needs may be overprotected with the intention of keeping them safe and comfortable. It is difficult for parents to find a balance between letting their child explore and keeping them safe. It takes a lot of work to help them attain their potential while also keeping them protected and providing assistance as needed.  Helping children with special needs become independent will not only make them more confident but also more capable and well equipped for life ahead.  We’ve heard plenty of success stories of people with…

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Chores And Children

kids helping with household chores

The benefits of sharing family chores are aplenty. It can build a child’s self-esteem, confidence, and much-needed life skills like time management and organizational skills. It teaches them responsibility and valuable life lessons that’ll get them set for living independently as they grow older. I’m sure we all want our kids to be organised and well-equipped to keep their home clean, do laundry and cook their meals when they venture into the adult world. While some children might be eager to help, others might need a little more nudging, but chores are appropriate for children of all ages. We just…

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How To Teach Your Child About Money

Parents teaching child about saving money

As parents, we focus on teaching our children life skills they’ll need as adults. Self-care, work skills, independence but how much do we teach them about money? Do we think they’re too young to know about or handle money? What’s a good age to teach them financial responsibility? Good knowledge of money is a key skill that children will need, to do well later in life.  Like all behaviours, our children do learn about money and how to use it from watching us. This however won’t suffice. Teaching our children to be efficient with money will require a slightly more…

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What is Inclusive Education? The Definitive Guide

autistic child cheering

All children have the right to benefit from schooling and more importantly, access to quality education, no matter what their abilities, race or economic background. Yet, often children with disabilities or special needs miss out on mainstream schooling because schools aren’t equipped to cater to their needs. Inclusive education, however, advocates for all children irrespective of their abilities to learn together, in one common environment.  What is Inclusive Education: As Unicef defines it  “Inclusive education means all children in the same classrooms, in the same schools. It means real learning opportunities for groups who have traditionally been excluded-not only children…

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9 Ways to Build Your Child’s Confidence

confident young girl looking in mirror

We all want it for our children; for them to be confident, assertive and self-assured. Confident individuals are motivated, hard-working and have a balanced approach to life. We’d be beaming with pride to see our children exude these qualities but how do we get them there. It can’t be rocket science but it does take a few conscious strategies on our part as parents. Our kids form their self-image and sense of self majorly from the feedback they receive from us. So we surely play a crucial role in building our children’s self-esteem Confident kids are better equipped to handle…

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