Careers with Tactopus

We’re a growing team of designers and developers, aspiring to shake up the status-quo on education resources and accessibility.
Join us in these exciting roles as we create engaging and meaningful learning resources for young learners of every kind.

Interaction Designer

Design interactions beyond screens, connecting the physical and digital, augmenting sounds and reactions to enable a fun learning experience for curious young minds.


Industrial Designer

Design tangible play objects, books, boardgames, phone and tablet stands with lots of rich textures and precise tactile details. Optimise material and process for production at scale.



Bring characters, concepts, ideas to life by creating imaginative illustrations for visual as well as tactile perceptions. Work with textures, fabrics, interesting materials to delight the tactile sense.



Be the support system of our vibrant team, enable smooth operations, and manage office administrative functions.


Backend Developer

We are looking for a go-getter – someone who can lead, architect and put together a strong back-end that’d form the foundation on which our team of designers and developers can serve our users a seamless experience.