Illustration of employees putting together many blocks to build tactopus

There are jobs and then there are careers.

Especially ones with the kind of work that adds up to something meaningful. One that gives you the opportunity to challenge yourself, encouragement to fail and try again, room to grow and push boundaries.

We're shaking up the status-quo on special education and taking it all online, while creating all the resources needed at every step of the parenting journey and their child's growth.

Our passion for inclusion and accessibility is evident in all the work we do. We’re looking to create a team of people with similar passion, who love to build things from the ground-up and support each other in the process. Our workplace is a breeding ground for new ideas, collaboration, creativity, and change. We’re not your routine 9-to-5 but neither do we work 24×7. Work-life balance trumps deadlines.

If you’ve got some serious skills, talent, and drive, there’s no better home for your potential. Join us in making a positive irreversible change in the community!


Please write to us at [email protected] 

with your resume/ work samples and a brief overview of your interest in working with us.