Top 5 Authors For Toddlers

children father reading book having fun

If you let them, books can be children’s best friends. As Dr Seuss said, “You can find magic wherever you look, just sit back and relax, all you need is a book”. There are countless engaging books that I’ve seen my children enjoy, some that we’ve read over and over until we learnt every word of it. There’s something so magical and inviting about children’s books that I often am left as much in awe as my kids when we go to a bookstore. The gift of reading is the best gift you can give any child and while I’d…

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Does my child need speech therapy?

woman teaching girl to speak

Keeping an approximate track of your child’s developmental milestones comes naturally to most parents, especially when it comes to progressions in motor, cognition and speech. Children accomplish so much in their first year of life. While the rolling, crawling etc are exciting, somehow hearing our child say “Mama, Dada” for the first time is an immensely joyful moment. This doesn’t necessarily happen with all children at an exact age and there is no cause for concern as children understand language and speak at different times. However, if alongside lack of speech, you see certain signs that are worrisome and catch…

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Three Must-Read Parenting Books

parents engaged in reading a book together

There are almost as many parenting books as there are parents. No other topic in literature has been covered so widely. All well-meaning, some with years of research, some based on experience and most with the promise to help you make parenting easier and more fun. I’ve had my share of falling for many such books as a new parent and later as a not-so-new one. The learning doesn’t really end. Most books made me feel worse than when I first started out and many didn’t seem practical. So if I can offer you a list of the top 3…

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What does being ‘On the Spectrum’ mean?

puzzle holding hands

You have probably heard the term ‘on the spectrum’ a lot but not understood what exactly it means. Professionals use it when talking about being people diagnosed with Autism or developmental delays, but how are these terms connected? The incidence of Autism has been rising over the last two decades. Recent research shows that 1 of 54 individuals has been diagnosed with or at-risk of it. We’ve however also heard of Asperger’s, Autism, and pervasive developmental disorders, but do they all mean the same or are they different? To understand this group of disorders we need to know what the…

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Using Storytelling To Encourage Communication

dinosaur story siloutte parent and child

When my three-year-old began to rock his chair at the dinner table, I told him a story from my childhood. My dad had seen me rocking my chair at the dinner table and asked me to eat the rest of my meal standing up, which served as a good deterrent never to try it again. I told my child this story only once and rest assured I’ve never seen him rocking his dining chair. On the rare occasion, he has thought of doing it, he immediately recalls the story mommy told him. I’m nowhere close to being as strict as…

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Why should my child journal and how do I encourage it?

Child with a book thinking about what to write

Children are best described as little bodies with big feelings. As a parent, you couldn’t bear stronger testimony to that. Children begin to experience a wide range of emotions from the time of their birth. However, the ability to regulate these emotions evolves much later. This emphasizes the need to give your children the opportunity to express their emotions and feelings in a way that feels comfortable and familiar to them. Developing a habit of journaling can be a great tool for them to express themselves freely.  What is Journaling? Journaling is a written record of thoughts and feelings. It…

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Parenting Mantras for 2021

parents having a hard time with kids

2020 has been a roller coaster of a year. As unprecedented as it was, as the year is coming to a close, it’s dawning on us that it was also a year of learning and new life lessons we didn’t know we needed. Now that we made it through the strangest year most of us have ever known, here are some parenting mantras we thought fit to carry over from the year 2020 to the next year.  One day a time: Even though it’s a different year, in many ways or at least some, the year 2021 won’t be much…

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Top 3 Christmas Tree Crafts to do this Festive Season

Christmas is just around the corner and whether you celebrate it or not, everyone especially lil children love the festive season as Santa, candy, lights, gifts and Christmas trees bring a little extra cheer. Exactly what the end of 2020 calls for!  Since you’ve spent most of the year keeping your kids entertained, here’s some inspiration to keep them occupied during these holidays in a fun way for the both of you.  While we absolutely love doing crafts, we like to pick activities that keep it simple for the younger children and can provide a bit of a challenge to…

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