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Multisensory Learning 

Bridging the Physical and Digital

We create multi-sensory learning experiences for children, that go beyond phone or tablet screens. Our approach to using tangible play things with rich textures, combined with contextual sounds and audio lessons, has been found to be immersive and beneficial to a well rounded early development of your child.

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Inclusive and Barrier-free

Our resources are designed for everyone & do not prevent learning due to various sensory disabilities like vision loss.


Audio Guidance

Audio-guided learning because every kid needs that special attention and an encouraging voice.

Available in English, Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati and more …

Multi-sensory Development

Kids learn through stimulation of various senses making learning more engaging and serving as a distraction from screens.

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Extensively Tested

Our resources are constantly tested and improvised to give your child the most comfortable learning experience


Hexagonal Tetromino Puzzle Board

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Product Details

A hexagonal twist on the classic Tetris Puzzle, for children who enjoy shape fitting puzzles.

Tetris is a leisure game/activity which helps your kids in honing their skills in spatial reasoning, shape recognition, size comparison, pattern replication, and independent problem solving. It's self-engaging and gets your brain working faster and smarter!

Contains: 1 board + 9 game pieces

Available in multiple colours.

Learning Objectives:

Spatial orientation, arrangements and strategic thinking

How to Use:

Just like the tetris blocks are made of 4 squares put together to make a complex shape, the hexagonal tetris blocks are made of hexagons clubbed together. The puzzle board is also in the form of a hexagon. To solve the puzzle, one must put all 9 shapes together to form a large hexagon that perfectly fits into the board.

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