Gift the Joy of Learning

Invest in a world where EVERY child has access to education and development, tailored to them and their special needs.

Owing to COVID 19, when children with special needs lost connection with their educators and therapists, we launched Tactopus Connect bringing all these services online.

100% of your contribution will go towards giving a child with special needs access to a wealth of child specialists across the country. You may donate any amount or if you need a little direction, this is how your donation will be used:

Together, we can make our dream of a completely inclusive community a reality, one child at a time.

Hear from other Supporters

For the price of a weekend meal at a restaurant, I was able to provide a session for a child with special needs and that filled me with the kind of joy that my meal could never.


I just started working, so contributing here is the little I can do, but it warms my heart to know I could make even the smallest difference in someone’s growth path.