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Hexagonal Tetromino Puzzle Board

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A hexagonal twist on the classic Tetris Puzzle, for children who enjoy shape fitting puzzles.

Tetris is a leisure game/activity which helps your kids in honing their skills in spatial reasoning, shape recognition, size comparison, pattern replication, and independent problem solving. It's self-engaging and gets your brain working faster and smarter!

Contains: 1 board + 9 game pieces

Available in multiple colours.

Learning Objectives:

Spatial orientation, arrangements and strategic thinking

How to Use:

Just like the tetris blocks are made of 4 squares put together to make a complex shape, the hexagonal tetris blocks are made of hexagons clubbed together. The puzzle board is also in the form of a hexagon. To solve the puzzle, one must put all 9 shapes together to form a large hexagon that perfectly fits into the board.

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