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Math Starter Kit

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So, we've put together your favourite math products!

This summer, learn and practice all about numbers: counting, digit recognition, number names, single and double-digit numbers, comparisons, and also some addition and subtraction!

The colourful and textured cards, books and games talk to your child, and engage them in fun-filled learning! So whether your child is staying at home this season, or venturing back out to school, this is a kit they'd love to play with, and showing off.


  • Fish Shaped - Counting Tokens (50 nos.)
    50 bright orange little fishies! Use these tokens across various counting and comparison activities, and with the Great Number Line to understand sequences via count of similar objects.
  • Number Cards (0-9) - Double deck
    Number flashcards with traceable digits, countable dots, braille numbers.
    What's more! Use with the Tactopus app, to make them talk!
  • My Counting Book (0-9) + Phone Stand
    10 interactive pages, each textured raised images that you can count. Apt for when you're moving from counting to digit names.
  • The Great Number Line (0-9)
    Match cards to base using colours or textures to learn about order and sequence. Useful tool while introducing concepts such as greater than & less than, and single digit addition & subtraction.
  • The Hungry Number Monster (0-99)
    Race against time to feed the monster. It's hungry for your number cards!
    Practice concepts through 30 different levels covering counting, naming (0-99), two-digit numbers, comparisons, and more!
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