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Place Value Board

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The perfect place value board for your little ones.
Use the tactile slots on the sturdy base to perfectly fit in montessori dienes blocks (base 10 blocks) AND our number cards. Allowing for simultaneous engagement with quantities and digits.

Use as a Teaching Learning Material (TLM) for multiple activities such as trading, matching, counting etc. to learn foundational mathematic concepts such as the place value of numbers, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Also super helpful as a stepping stone for your child to bridge concrete countable mathematics to the more abstract ways of depicting quantities.

A tried and tested Montessori tool made accessible for all.

Learning Objectives

- Counting numbers 0 to 999
- Representing numbers as digits
- Place value of numbers (ones, tens and hundreds)
- Addition - with and without carry over
- Subtraction - with and without carry over
- Trading
- Multiplying and Dividing by 10


- 1 place value board
- 10 units or ones
- 10 rods or tens
- 10 flats or hundreds
- 1 number flashcards deck

Physically matching the number with the quantity reinforces the concept of numbers, how is the number made, what is its value, and later could be used for addition and subtraction too. So you get to see, experience and make numbers to understand them.
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