First Steps After An Autism Diagnosis

Parent and Child Autism

Learning that your child has a diagnosis of Autism can never be easy. The range of emotions you experience is difficult to fathom. Whether it came as a shock that has left you reeling, or if you long sensed it and saw it coming, either way, the discovery will bring on a barrage of challenges. As parents, you might find yourselves ridden with anxiety and unsure of how to move ahead. It can be daunting to reimagine what the future looks like, for you, your child and your family. Where do you begin? What do you first seek help for? …

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The Importance of Early Intervention

mother and child early development

As parents, our biggest responsibility often lies in making the best happen for our child. Keeping track of their development is almost second nature to us parents. We’ve all been there, wondering if our babies show good eye contact, do they respond to our interaction, if they should be crawling yet or saying their first words. While it might seem demanding to keep a dated record of all their development, there are broad timelines that most babies meet, in reaching social, behavioural and physical milestones. If and when we do see our children missing these critical stepping stones of development,…

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