9 Ways to Build Your Child’s Confidence

confident young girl looking in mirror

We all want it for our children; for them to be confident, assertive and self-assured. Confident individuals are motivated, hard-working and have a balanced approach to life. We’d be beaming with pride to see our children exude these qualities but how do we get them there. It can’t be rocket science but it does take a few conscious strategies on our part as parents. Our kids form their self-image and sense of self majorly from the feedback they receive from us. So we surely play a crucial role in building our children’s self-esteem Confident kids are better equipped to handle…

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How To Manage Your Toddler’s Tantrums and Meltdowns

child having meltdown in front of parent

Tantrums and emotional meltdowns are as difficult on parents as they are on the child experiencing them. A public outburst, a crying fit that won’t stop, screaming and howling or how about that time you told them they can’t have Oreos for breakfast? True story. Emotional meltdowns are draining on parents. Definitely not the easiest part of parenting but we didn’t sign up just for the rosy bits, did we? As much as we don’t want to believe it, it’s true, temper tantrums are a part of typical child development. I once read somewhere it should be more worrying if…

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How To Effectively Connect With Your Child

parents bonding with child

Parents all over the world have always wanted a magical formula to strengthen their bond with their children. How do you make sure you pack in the memories while time and their childhood swoosh by so quick? How can we look back years later on their childhood and know we made it count? Is this possible? Is there really a tried and tested trick that will work? What if I told you there was and that you can see the results almost instantly. Having read tonnes of parenting books, and adding my own experience as a mum of two, I…

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Why should my child journal and how do I encourage it?

Child with a book thinking about what to write

Children are best described as little bodies with big feelings. As a parent, you couldn’t bear stronger testimony to that. Children begin to experience a wide range of emotions from the time of their birth. However, the ability to regulate these emotions evolves much later. This emphasizes the need to give your children the opportunity to express their emotions and feelings in a way that feels comfortable and familiar to them. Developing a habit of journaling can be a great tool for them to express themselves freely.  What is Journaling? Journaling is a written record of thoughts and feelings. It…

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Parenting Mantras for 2021

parents having a hard time with kids

2020 has been a roller coaster of a year. As unprecedented as it was, as the year is coming to a close, it’s dawning on us that it was also a year of learning and new life lessons we didn’t know we needed. Now that we made it through the strangest year most of us have ever known, here are some parenting mantras we thought fit to carry over from the year 2020 to the next year.  One day a time: Even though it’s a different year, in many ways or at least some, the year 2021 won’t be much…

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