What Makes You Special

A story book about animals and what makes them special! Hear them roar and croak when used with the app. Also discover what makes YOU special! Includes fun facts and audio desciptions for all tactiled pages. All animal names are brailled. Story available in print and audio. Please mention if you need it to be brailled.

Learning Objectives: Animal sounds, shapes, and fun facts

Contains: 1 book (9 tactiled pages – Tiger, Whale, Canary, Elephant, Bee, Frog, Turtle, Giraffe, and Human child)

Illustrated Book

Tactile Images

Braille Labels

Interactive audio through app

How To Use

  1. Open the Tactopus app.
  2. Choose ‘What makes you special?’
  3. Place the phone (camera facing down) on the stand.
  4. Position the book in front of you, under the stand.
  5. Center aligning the book to the stand will ensure good performance.
  6. Voila! You are good to turn the pages and get started!